Expertise and versatile service.

Our fifty hydraulics experts produce reliable and installation-ready bent hydraulic tubes, tube assemblies and hydraulic assemblies in Jyväskylä, Finland. Additionally we offer specialist services in analyzing the manufacturability of your tubes. When needed, we will also measure and cut the tubes for you.

Tube joint selections are made based on your blueprints. Our comprehensive range includes JIC, Olock, soldered and welded joints. For materials, we use galvanized and black steel tubes as well as acid resistant steel tube. If you want the tubes delivered to your warehouse as stock delivery, we will also take care of stock control for you.

For efficient and durable assembly.

By utilizing Komas’ hydraulic tubes instead of hydraulic hoses in your assembly, you save in the expenses incurred during the life cycle of the hydraulic product and reduce the lead-time of your assembly. When the tubes are not made in-house, but instead procured cost-efficiently from Komas, the production unclutters and assembly efficiency increases.

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  • Tubes
    • Hydraulic tubes
    • Straight and bended HST and steel tubes
    • Tubes with welded or soldered fittings
  • Hydraulic assemblies
    • Tested components ready for assembly

Manufacturing methodsHydrauliikka

  • Sawing
  • Washing
  • Bending diameter between 5mm – 65mm
  • Fitting assembly
  • End assembly
  • Testing


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