Machining Härmä

Härmä Machining – Solid professional of heavy machining.

Machining Härmä concentrates on precision machining of demanding components. Our equipment and machine stock ensures machining of small, mid-sized and especially big components. We also provide assembly services for our customers. Surface finishing, tempering, and other such services are available through our extensive subcontracting network. We have over 50 years of experience of the field. Our equipment and machine stock together with 70 top-notch machining professionals and 7900 m2 facilities ensure reliable and cost-efficient machining subcontracting and system deliveries for our customer.

Invincible precision with ease

Customers can deliver us their own desired materials or purchase channel or we can use Komas’ own high-quality material for manufacturing the products.  Our 3D-measuring systems ensure superior quality of product we manufacture. By concentrating your component purchases to Komas you will make sure that high-quality assembly and spare parts are available for you all times. Effortless purchase channel saves resources for efficient assembly.


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ProductsKoneistus Sastamala

  • Shaft-like components (Ø 10-600 mm, length max. 1250 mm)
  • Prismaattiset kappaleet (xyz 13 000 x 1250 x 3000, max. 25 ton)
  • Size of series mainly 1-1000 pcs



Methods of manufacturingKoneistus Sastamala

  • Horisontal turning (Ø max 600 mm)
  • Milling (x, y, x 13000 x 1250 x 3000)
  • Circular and surface grinding
  • Assemblies

ServicesKoneistus Sastamala

Available through our network

  • Surface finishing
  • Tempering


  • Castings
  • Forged products
  • Flame-cuts
  • Structural and machine steels
  • Tempering and carbonization steels

Download our machinery katalogue here (pdf).