Machining Jyvaskyla

Our machining unit’s expertise is the versatile production of components according to our customer’s specifications with rigorous accuracy and uncompromising craftsmanship.

Our comprehensive machinery capacity, 84 skilled machinists and 6500 square meters of machining premises make it possible for us to produce anything from individual items to large batches in a centralized and cost-effective manner.

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Kurikka Machining site

Kurikka machining site is focused on production of small and medium-sized demanding precision machining parts, as well as subassemblies. Services such as heat- and surface treatments are provided to customers through our subcontracting network. Kurikka machining site has about 30 years of experience in manufacturing demanding machined machine parts.
Key strengths are the manufacturing of turned and milled steel components, with emphasis on automated and unmanned production, including FMS and robot cells. Our efficient machine park, 36 skilled people, and our facilities of 5600 m2 are ensuring that we can keep our promises to our customers and deliver products on time and in a cost efficient way.

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