Hard work

Workmanship for the good of your company.

We offer machined components, forgings, hydraulic pipes and plate cuttings. We focus on the cost-efficient production of demanding components for mechanical engineering industry. The core of our business is flexible service close to customers.

The official name of our company is Komas Ltd, with Marko Penttinen working as a Managing Director. Komas employs approximately 230 people and has a turnover of roughly 32 MEUR. Komas sites are located in the Jyväskylä and Kurikka

Product life cycle services: our work is a part of your company’s value chain.

We want our cooperation to produce the best results – that is why we look at the entire life cycle of your product. We ensure the high quality and cost-effectiveness of the products through both material sourcing and supporting you company in product development. Our long history has given us the expertise and understanding that helps us with this. In addition, we provide 3D measuring and also calibration of measuring devices.

R&D support and proto. Customer relationship begins with negotiations, defining the production method and planning for materials. In this R&D has a great role. Together we’ll design the optimal product that meets the needs of the end user. With our expertise we will be able to seek out alternative methods and materials, with which we can achieve a cost-effective and optimal serial production startup.

Our serial production is reliable, meaning deliveries will be on time as agreed. Our flexibility enables us to listen and respond to the customers’ needs at any stage of the production. This means that we can also adapt to rapid changes in the customer’s operations and needs. High quality work is guaranteed by our strong expertise, indicated also by several certificates, as well as with 3D measuring and our own calibration laboratory.

Savings are created in the serial production stage when we continuously develop our skills and learn from the processes, stay up to date when it comes to materials, and engage in a dialogue with the customer in R&D issues.

While the relationship develops, our understanding of customer needs and problems will become more profound. We are continuously learning how to find solutions that enhance the processes between us and our customers. For our customers, the cooperation results in optimized, high-quality products, cost-effective operations, flexible schedules, and timely production.