Plate cutting

Plate cuttings straight to assembly.

Whether you need single pieces or large sets, Komas plate cutting service will supply you with high quality plates according to your blueprints and in ready batches. The plates are delivered straight to your assembly line without the need for stocking. All components are machined, surface finished and welded precisely to your specifications. We can also design and draw the components for you, saving your resources for production and assem

Quality materials, wide selection.

Our plate cutting service also offers heat-treated blanks for machining and whole steel plates. Our broad selection includes industrial plates, wear resistant plates, high-strength steel plates, boron steel plates and pressure vessel steel plates.

Fast deliveries.

Our comprehensive stocking and versatile machinery capacity ensure fast deliveries while also minimizing material waste. Typical delivery time for our products is one week. This allows you to react faster to changes in demand and other special situations in your production. In your service are 22 experienced plate cutting professionals and 3600 square meters of production premises in Leppävesi, Finland.

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  • Plate cuttings
  • Plate components

Manufacturing methodsLevypalvelu

  • Gas cutting (working area 3,5 m x 13 m, plate thickness 10 mm–220 mm, possibility to cut straight bevels)
  • Plasma cutting (working area 4,1 m x 13 m, plate thickness 3 mm–30 mm, modern bevelling technology, learning 3D measurement base cutting height monitor.)
  • Shot blasting (plates and components max. 9 m x 2,5 m)
  • Bending (pressing force 800 ton, length 6 m, example: S355, length 6m, thickness 22mm)
  • Comprehensive tooling (lot pads for boxes, special tools for wear resistant steel grade)
  • Heat treatment (60 kW, ø 2500 mm)
  • Machining (1800 mm x 800 mm)
  • Welding


  • Sourcing (direct supplies from steel mills, including tailored plate dimensions)
  • Stocking (structural steels, wear resistant steels, hardened steels and boron steels)
  • R&D Support

We offer through our network

  • Water cut components (surface and heat treatments)
  • Laser cut components (surface and heat treatments)

Download our machine catalogue here (pdf).