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Calibration of measurement devices094-komas-web-srgb-H23A7956

Measurements must be accurate and in accordance with standards. We perform calibration and certification of measurement instruments in order to compare appropriateness and traceability of the measurements with national and international standards. We produce statements for calibration (records and calibration cards), and we also do calibrating and overhauling of measurement devices. In addition, we can provide support and expertise to help our customers solve their problems.

3D measurement166-komas-web-srgb-H23A8216

As a part of our customers’ own quality contral process, we can help solve production related problems. If needed, we can provide our support to issues concerning manufacturing techniques as well as to method and product planning issues, guaranteeing cost-effective and high-quality production for our customers. We measure the actual dimension of products after production. As an outcome, the customer receives a transcript of the measurements and component blueprints, and is left with confidence in the accuracy of product measurements. Measuring is carried out by qualified personnel, with a 3D measurement device and annually calibrated measuring equipment.