What is Komas?

The Legend of Hard Work.

The state-owned rifle factory located in Jyväskylä, in central Finland, has since 1925 formed the heart of the finnish metal industry. It has also passed its hard work mentality to the next generations and to its successors. As years went by the factory’s name experienced some changes, until in 1950 Valmet Ltd, now known as a sign of Finnish know-how, was introduced. In addition to weapons Valmet started to produce tractors. The rifle factory was home also to the tractor production up to 1993. New, additional factories were also established, through which the production expanded to other areas. Many are, for example,  familiar with Terhi outboard motors.


The Sako era began when Valmet and Sako merged to form Sako-Valmet in 1987. As time went by the organization began to consentrate more and more on civil production instead of weapons, and on subcontracting, as the Jyskä factory focused on surface treatments and machining of components. After Patria Group’s ownership, in 2002 the newly formed Komas Ltd acquired Comas Patria Ltd’s operations in Jyskä. Komas expanded strongly over the period of 2002-2008, in Finland as well as abroad. At this point, the current business areas of Komas Keski-Suomi Ltd were formed. Machining and hydraulics units were expanded in Jyskä, from where they later moved to their current premises in Yritystie 1. The ownership of forging and plate cutting units was also transferred to Komas. In 2012, Komas Ltd was divided into Komas Keski-Suomi Ltd and Fortaco Ltd, leaving the units operating in central Finland as their own strong regional locus.


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